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Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

“Fiction is truth, even if it is not fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.”


Now, reviewing this book without really including spoilers is going to be near impossible since it´s so far into the Shadowhunter Chronicles and involves so many of the books. For any of you who haven´t yet read any of the Dark Artifices series I highly recommend you read all the other Shadowhunter books (yes all 11 of them, hehe) before you dive headfirst into the rollercoaster ride that is these two books.

The review will contain spoilers for all of the book from this point.

Since this book is so long and quite complex it´s going to be hard to me to really go in depth about everything without writing 600+ pages myself, so instead, I´m going to list some of my biggest pros and cons.


+ The Faerie Court scenes

I really loved seeing the faerie court in this book! I was afraid they would stay in Los Angeles for the most part of the book and that it would feel a little repetitive, but thanks to changing the environment and getting a more in-depth view of another area of the shadow worlds felt like a nice change and it kept things more interesting. Not to talk about getting to finally revisit the London Institute with all kinds of hints to TDI (making my heart flutter still).

+ Ty and Kit

Really Ty or Kit together with anyone (or just alone honestly) is amazing, together – even better. These two characters people… I just love them so much. Kit is so unapologetically Herondale (the sass! *swoons*) and even if he if struggling to find himself in this new situation he finds Ty and the two of them just fit so well. And Ty… Ty!!! I think he might be my favorite Blackthorn. He is smart and he is so kind and he knows he thinks differently but it doesn´t matter to him. Cassandra Clare´s representation of autism through Ty is so fantastically done because he is never put down because of it. It doesn´t stop him from doing things, it just shows him doing things a bit differently but just as well.

+ Action!

Something I really love about the Shadowhunter books and Cassie Clare is that I don´t ever really need to worry about the book being slow or boring. Even if the book is a 700-page beast it doesn´t feel like it and it doesn´t feel like it could be shorter. There isn´t really so much as a dull moment and there is action from the get-go, driving the plot forward really well.

+ Seeing TMI characters

Finally, getting to see all my beloved characters from the original The Mortal  Instruments is fantastic, and getting to see them interacting with all these new characters is really fun. Alec and Magnus being involved with all the craziness at the London Institute was also so lovely! Seeing them have gone from a new and dating couple to having kids and working so well together is making my fangirl feels go mad.


Even if the majority of the book is just one big pro, there are a couple things I found less fantastic, which is why I´m having difficulty giving this a full 5 stars.

— Emma and Julian and the Parabatai curse

While I understand Emma´s reason for wanting to keep the curse a secret from Julian, I felt like it quite early on shows itself impossible for both of them to hate each other and perhaps it´s because I, as a reader, get to see both perspectives but I never really believed them thinking the other hated them. So after a good third of the book or so keeping the curse a secret still felt a little dragged out to me.

— Love triangles and characters

Now, something you should be prepared for having gotten this far into a series where all books still intertwine with other previous ones are many characters. Personally, it didn´t really bother me and I found I was able to keep track of all the characters quite well, but I could definitely see how other´s would find it too much. However, what all these characters have brought on that I´m less a fan of is ALL the love triangles and some characters feeling a bit put aside, like Drusilla, for example. Now, I´m fine with some triangle drama, but when there is two or three in the same book, it´s just too much for my taste.

So, overall, Lord of Shadows was a fantastic book and I loved reading it on vacation. It has all the elements of fantasy I love and characters that are just fantastic.

Now I just have to wait for the next one…





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