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Review: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


After reading the first few pages of this dream of a book, I felt like screaming aloud “this is what good writing is!”.

Of course, I didn´t. Cause you know, might not be appropriate to wake my family at 1 am by screaming. But I wanted to, okay. And I think the fact that I have 83 highlights and 13 notes say something about just how much I loved this book.

“Beautiful and full of monsters,” she’d said. “All the best stories are.”

Strange the Dreamer is the story about Lazlo Strange, a shy-away librarian, dreamer and unprofessional master of fairy tales. He knows he will never be put as high as the scholars he serves, no matter how good of a librarian he is. He also knows the Golden Godson will always be on top of him, and when the Godson is about to have Lazlo´s dream come true for him, Lazlo can´t help but try to shoot for the stars and take a chance.

This book is written with language, in prose that is so beautiful, so well composed and poetic and descriptive and I urged me to plow through all 500 pages at once at the same time as it made me want to stop and stare incredulously. Laini Taylor is incredibly talented and not only has written it beautifully, she has composed a story that feels like it could become a classic fairy tale itself. The story of Weep, the story of a city hidden from the sun – made of gold and trailed with Lapis Lazuli – is the kind of story I want to pass on for other people to enjoy and marvel at.

I could go on talking about the forbidden love between Sarai – a girl from above Weep – and Lazlo, about the amazing and diverse and lovely characters, about the battle between the gods and the people of Weep or about the end which broke me a little in the best way possible, but I really don´t know if I need to.

It´s always easier writing more extensive reviews about books you have at least some little pointer or problem about and even if I could go into spoilers and rant and rant and praise, I urge you to read it for yourself.

I urge you to delve into it and enjoy it and read the fairy tale about the dreamer called Strange.

This Goodreads version of the review has a link to all my kindle highlights if you´re interested 😉

5/5 bright and burning stars.






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