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Introducing: Music Mondays #1

Hello, lovelies!

Today, I´m introducing a new reoccurring segment to the blog and I will continue to do so throughout this week, so stay tuned!

And today, that is Music Mondays, where I will share with you my personal music recommendations for reading, writing or maybe just chilling out and relaxing. Starting off with the best playlists for reading and background music on Spotify right now!


The best Spotify Playlists for reading

Now, Spotify, as many of you probably know, offer a huge variety of ready playlists for all kinds of occasions. After searching through them, I´ve picked out some of my personal favorites.

For the instrumental reader:

If you´re like me, usually the way to go for background music is the instrumental way. It can be a fantastic way of creating some atmosphere and really make the book and story come alive in your mind.

For the piano lover, these two – called Peaceful Piano and Piano in the Background – will offer around 5 and 7 hours of nice and easy instrumental piano music. Both offer a very peaceful and slow feel but I´d say Peaceful Piano has an even slower and more mellow vibe to it. Perfect for kicking back after a long day or some evening reading!

Want an escape into nature? Maybe all the city noise and buzz makes you want to escape into the forest or the park? Then, Lost in the Forest and Nature Noise could be something for you. Both of these playlists have around 4 and 2 hours of nature sounds where you can hear the wind rattling the leaves in the trees and birds chirping happily. Put on some noise canceling earbuds, get your book out and take a break in nature.

Want something more tropical and upbeat? This 2 and a half hour, lighthearted soundtrack with a combination of acoustic sounds, piano, violin as well as some orchestra is perfect for some easy reading, a YA contemporary or something more comedic. Don´t let the name Exotic Nap fool you, you can keep wide awake – although if midday naps are your thing, this might be a good siesta soundtrack!

For the lyric-lover:

Don´t mind having some lyrics in the background? Here are some playlists for you.

Dark and Stormy offers a couple hours of some really nice, dramatic and dark tracks that create a lot of atmosphere. It has a kind of, well, stormy feel to it and I can imagine it combining perfectly with some true crime, drama or the final and exciting parts of a fantasy novel. It´s also great for writing and studying!

This easy-breezy and very romantic playlist I´d say is perfect to go with a little romance novel or a cutesy contemporary and a latte filled with fluffy, sweet foam – think spring, Fangirl (or any Rainbow Rowell novel really!) and John Green and maybe you´ll find a match. Your Favorite Coffeehouse has around 6 and a half hours of mellow sound for your reading sesh.

Relax and Unwind really describes itself; it´s slow; it´s peaceful and it´s filled with chill voices like Vance Joy, James Bay, Kaleo and Ben Howard. I´d say this 9-hour playlist works with pretty much any read and might help you unwind at the end of a long day.


That´s it for today! Now, I´m going to get back to studying Psychology research methods and reading Magnus Chase. Have a lovely Monday and happy reading!



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