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Review: We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach


Now this book, my friends, is a beauty of its own.

It´s a contemporary novel set in our time but it still stays away from the frames of what you might expect and it takes you on a hell of a ride both emotionally and plot-wise. I found the style of his writing interesting and it held me in its grips the whole way through.
We start off getting introduced to Peter, a -what seems to be- typical high-school jock dude who obviously has the hottest chick in school as his girlfriend. The grades are not exactly what matters to him most and yet, he wonders if there is something more to life.
After that, we get introduced to the second POV, Eliza who much like Peter, is at first your typical ´´popular girl´´ who can sway around best she wants, hiding part of her smarts doing so. But only a couple pages in we find out there might be more even to her story.
Our third and fourth POVs, Andy and Anita were my personal favorites out of the four. Andy, the slacker-and-friends-with-a-drug-dealer dude who doesn´t really care about much in life and takes things day by day and Anita, the overachieving, ambitious study-o-holic with parents that sometimes even I could feel were suffocating as I read. Still, even if these two are complete polar opposites, they end up dragged into each other´s lives. Just reading Eliza’s description is sure to give you an idea:

“The school’s foremost slacker teaming up with a girl who probably couldn’t slack in a hammock on a Cancún beach while sipping a margarita laced with Valium.”

What on earth makes that happen, you say? Well, technically it´s not on earth…yet.
After a few chapters we hear about Ardor, a new thing of “space-matter” spotted by astronomists. Soon enough, we also find out Ardor is, in fact, a meteor – heading for earth.

What for me made We All Looked Up so much more than just seeing four different lives and POVs interacting with each other and getting different perspectives of another person´s background (which already in itself is pretty good) was the intrigue Wallach added into it with Ardor and with the suspicions that occur between the characters. His language and writing are easy to read but beautifully descriptive and the way he has added in banter, sarcasm and a bit of wittiness in such a state of crisis had me sold.
This book is definitely one of my new favorites and I have a strong suspicion it won´t be long before I pick up something else by Tommy Wallach.

5/5 stars.


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