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Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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“For whither thou goest, I will go.”

Parabatai, the person you link your life with. The person who will make you stronger in battle and who´s healing will heal more than that of any other.

Parabatai is the running theme in the whole book, even if it has a lot of other things happening too. This book takes place after the events of the Dark War that Sebastian Morgenstern was at the top at, and even if the Clave still thinks he was the person behind the murder of Emma´s parents, Emma doesn´t believe it. Nor does she, or her parabatai Julian believe it was right for the Clave to let Julian´s brother Mark be taken and left with the faeries of the Wild Hunt. We get taken on a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions and we meet new people and people who we have already loved in the other series of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Even if there is a lot of controversy and people bashing on Cassandra Clare for releasing more and more books in her universe, I´m on her side. Every time I pick up one of her books, I fall in love with her universe all over again. Not to mention the fact that her writing and technique gets better and better.

Now, there is no hiding it. The book is kind of massive.
Not George R. R. Martin massive, but still.
Even if this can be intimidating, fear not. I personally was glad that is was so long. I didn´t want to leave the world. I didn´t want the story to end. There are a couple parts where things were happening at a slightly slower pace but I didn´t really mind that much. Since this is the start of a new series with a lot of new characters, and characters we´ve only met briefly before, it was nice to get to see the different sides of them. Both the home and the fight and sorrow and thrill. I usually don´t like when authors all of a sudden squeeze in a massive thing of backstory or background telling just for the book to make sense, but I didn´t find that here.
If there is anything I can critique, it´s that her descriptions can get a tiny bit repetitive at times. Instead of using the repetitions as a way of highlighting and truly enforcing a message, which I think she really did in most of the descriptions of parabatai and Emma and Jules relationship, it felt a little unnecessary sometimes.

But, that is also the only thing I can think of that was bad. The plot is amazingly intricate and interesting with twists and turns that sometimes dazzles me! As per usual, Clare makes her foreshadowing in small specks that get your brain going at first glance but still confuses you until the very moment everything comes together in one big spectacle of an epic showdown.

And I couldn´t love that jaw-dropping “but-how-on-earth-what??” feeling more.

Even if I´d say this book definitely requires having read the other books in the series first, it´s worth it. It´s a phenomenal read about friendship, it´s limits and kind of love, as well as the love for family.

Cassie Clare has done it again folks.

A big, bright and shiny 5 stars.

Now I just have to sit and wait patiently for Lord of Shadows to come out May 23rd, only a little less than two months now!

Much love and happy reading, Angels 😉



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