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Review: The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

This was a pretty interesting and quick read for me. Now, I´m not very well-versed in the world of poetry…

just changing
isn´t it.

(Yes, I kind of took that from this wonderful review by Emily May)

So, as you might have guessed, the way Amanda Lovelace has chosen to work with free verse wasn´t exactly my cup of tea (or coffee, ha! catch the reference!). Even if I know you´re not really supposed to comment on what the author should have done, I truly feel this would have worked much better if written as a kind of short story/prose poetry mashup since that still would have given that freedom but with a better (and less confusing) flow. For me, splitting the sentences and adding breaks is done to achieve a kind of effect where just that stanza on its own can mean something, just as it can mean something in the whole context of the poem and with maybe just one or two other stanzas.
Many times I did not feel that here.

However, I did really like the concept and the messages Lovelace is bringing forth here. She is bringing up really important things like feminism, self-love, self-hate, eating disorders, psychological abuse and being able to save your own ass from that tower, princess or not; you can be your own queen.
After being about halfway through I started reading it without stopping so much as I normally would when reading poetry and the story itself is actually one of the better I´ve read. It´s inspiring and emotional and it makes you feel like you can be just as badass and independent and beautiful on your own as you can with the love of your life. Hence why I´ve still chosen to give it a fairly good rating.

But, to tick the criteria for those other stars I feel like the technique and the language in itself would have had to be better.

I want to read poetry to be amazed at the kind of symbiosis language and meaning and emotion has. I want to be amazed at how so little words can mean so much and how putting them in a specific order with breaks (or the lack thereof) can give them meaning in so many dimensions.

randomly switching
to use
capital letters

Period. (pun intended)

2,75/5 stars.


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